Did someone try to make a quick buck on ICOA this morning? | Mobile – CNET News

The phony press release sent out this morning on PRWeb detailing Google’s acquisition of Wi-Fi provider ICOA for $400 million may have been an attempt to move the company
fit flop sale s penny stock.

The company’s stock started trading this morning at $0.0001 and steadily climbed throughout the morning to $0.0005, where it peaked around 11:30 a.m. ET. Once news trickled out that the press release was a hoax, the company’s stock price sharply dropped to $0.0001 again. And it has bounced between fitflop shoes at price and $0.0002 since then.

The fake press release was widely circulated this morning and reported by several news organizations, including the Associated Press. CNET did not report the acquisition news, but did publish a story calling the press release a hoax. When contacted by CNET, ICOA’s chief executive denied there had been any acquisition.

Google has not yet responded to the apparent hoax and neither has PRWeb, which circulated the bogus release.

In an e-mail, ICOA Chief Executive Geor fitflop sale Strouthopoulos noted that the hoax looks like the work of a “stock promoter with a dubious interest” in “disseminating wrong, false and misleading information in PR circles.” A spokesman for the company said that ICOA is reporting the incident to the proper authorities. The company also believes the phony press release originated from Aruba.

This press release scam is similar to another hoax perpetrated in 2000 when a 23-year-old college student and day trader named Mark Simeon Jakob, managed to get his former employer Internet Wire to publish a bogus press release about Emulex. Jakob, who had been day trading, ended up making more than $240,000 from his trades based on the false press release.

Jakob, who had sold 3,000 shares of Emulex in a short sale, crafted a press release stating that the chief executive of Emulex had quit and the company was restating its quarterly earnings from a profit to a loss, according to a story on ABC News.com. Jakob was arrested in August 2000 when FBI agents were able to piece together the scam and locate him. He pleaded guilty in December that same year.

Hiring a Limo Car Service in Houston

Hiring a limo car service is a great idea when searching for a special mode of transportation. When weighing this against all of the other available options, it is easy to see that this makes the most sense of them all.

Whenever in the city, it is an option to simply hail a taxi. But remember that there are many people out there that are vying for the attention of that on duty driver. This could prove to be a very difficult thing and if it is a busy time of day such as lunch or right after work, it could become impossible.

Even if someone is able to flag down a cab, they will have to worry about whether or not the luggage or shopping bags will fit along with the number of people in the party.

Of course it also needs to be pointed out that often times a taxi will mean having to endure odors that are less than pleasant with a driver who is less than courteous.

After someone goes through all of this just to get in the taxi, the driver may take advantage of the fare and take the longest route possible in an effort to charge a ridiculously large fare.

If one considers hiring a limo car service, it may mean avoiding all of the things that can and do go wrong with choosing a taxi instead. A passenger will be met by a friendly, knowledgeable, trained, neatly groomed and courteous chauffeur.

He or she will load the luggage and take care of any other bags that the passenger may have while they get comfortable inside the luxurious vehicle that was built with a passenger’s comfort and pleasure in mind.

A customer will know that this vehicle is extremely well kept as it is extensively cleaned each time before it is dispatched to its next location.

They will have soft and relaxing seats as well as many amenities that surely will not be found in a taxi cab. Standard amenities with a limo car service include a bar, television, stereo, newspaper and anything else that a customer may have requested to have on board upon arrival.

The chauffeur will be extremely knowledgeable about the area and can even make suggestions as to where to dine and shop and what venues offer the best entertainment. They will likely be able to tell the customer about any current events that may be taking place inside the city as well.

A limo car service is often comparable to the price one would pay for a taxi, and much more relaxing and comfortable. Why not take the best option of the two, especially when the prices are nearly the same?

It was once believed that only the super wealthy could afford to take advantage of a limo car service. That is simply a myth. The next time anyone is traveling from the airport to begin a visit or back to the airport for departure, this is definitely the way to do so in style.