Satisfying Your Wife: Working From Home

You guys probably hear it all the time. You work too much, and you’re never home for dinner. Your wives probably complain pretty frequently about your work, how you work too long for too little. In today’s economy though jobs are difficult to come by and you’re considered lucky if you have one. It’s hard enough to get a stable job as it is, let alone one that allows you the luxury of being home every night for dinner. I’m sure none of you ever hope that you’ll get stuck at work and miss dinner with your family but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Most men take the responsibility of supporting their families financially very seriously and would not compromise their income for anything. Today, this also applies to women in the family. Two-income families are the norm, but typically, the man out earns the woman and is considered the financial head of household. The working wife would appreciate a little more help at home from her spouse and often complains to him about it.

Most wives will confess to voicing this complaint many times over. But they should realize that their husbands would rather be home for dinner most nights and would like to attend their kid’s soccer games and piano recitals, but can’t due to responsibilities away from home.

The good news for families is that technology is giving us the freedom to look at alternatives to corporate life. There are untold volumes of people shopping for gifts, commodities and services online. Thousands are running online businesses to satisfy these virtual shoppers, choosing their own work schedule and earning a fine living.

When we think of online businesses we often think of or and we think that there’s no way we could start a business like that. Most of us probably figure that the people who start successful online businesses like that must have degrees in computer science or be super smart. For those of us who are less than computer savvy, we probably think that there’s no way we could do something like that.

But wait! There is new technology existing today that allows anyone to start an online business. Given the right software and educational support, we could start our own business without going back to college. People the world over are beginning to see the advantage of the booming virtual market and want to be a part of it.

This economy is the pits, granted. Employers are working their employees harder to make up for the massive layoffs while not paying their existing workers any more for it. Having dinner with family every night is a pipe dream. Cheer up because now you take full advantage of the booming online consumption by joining the parade and setting up your own online business.

You may still not always see a smile on your wife’s face, but you will see it more often. You can make it to dinner most nights. You can attend your kid’s ballet recitals and soccer finals. You won’t have to make up excuses anymore about why you can’t mow the lawn. Okay, no job is perfect.